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What is the best way to transfer 4 logic signal from an FPGA

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Feb 9, 2006
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Interconnection ?

What is the best way to transfer 4 logic signal from an FPGA to a couple of leddrivers ? LVDS over CAT5 maybe ?

I planning to build a big ledscreen with a pitch of 60 mm. Every tile will be one squaremeter and consists of 16 horizontal pipes with free space between. Every tile will also have a controller with an FPGA.

My problem is to choise the right interconnection between the controllerboard and ledboards.

The pipes holds the ledboards witch contains of 8 pixels and 2 leddrivers each. The distance for the signals to travel from the controller out to the ledboards is between 0.5 to 1.5 meters and the frequency around 10 MHz.

I think a ribboncable with TTL signals is a bad idea ? Cheap but not so good. What about LVDS ?

One alternative is to give every ledboard one 4 channel LVDS reciver and a own cable from the controller. The others is to connect a couple of ledbords in a chain to save cable. One 4 channel LVDS reciver plus one 1 channel transmitter to send the dataout from the last driver to the next board.

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