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What is the best OS (Operating System) to you

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Sep 25, 2006
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for me i like Window Vista although the still experience some bugs but still the security is the best...[/b]

My machine (Leya) Runs on Suse Linux and Windowz PX (as in P=panget or UGLY and X=for mali or WRONG choice) but I managed to keep her healthy. My other machine SIEG2 runs on Ubuntu Linux and (again) WinXP

Windows Vista x64 with Vmware for everything else. Highly stable, never crashed in the last 3 months of nonstop running, supports NUMA etc etc.

Final word is use the right OS for the right JOB

Unfortunetly Win XP!

Linux is 1000 times better than Windows. But unfortunately the software industry has made windows this much popular..

There is no such thing as best in terms of OS but it depends on what you are looking for. I would advice you state what you want from an OS that way it would be easier to know which is best for your use.

Linux ubuntu 7.04 distro for every use, Win XP for few EDA application. Best is linux, no need antivirus for navigate!

windows XP is not better but is the best !
a lot of programs for xp are availbe

I use a dual boot Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux system...

I use Windows XP.Vista waste resource too much.

Stil I like my Windows XP... :D

Windows XP and fedora core Linux

fedora core linux and old is gold that is WINDOWS XP

Windows at home and Unix at work...

PS: don't ever try a MAC :D

I've been using osx since last year, I really like it, but i miss the programs on windows. So now I am using both Vista and Mac. I must recognize Vista is quite good (specially using the aero interface)

I still use Xp... someday maybe i can try linux

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