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What is solid,gas,liquid?

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Oct 28, 2009
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What is the difference between Solids, Gases and Liquids?

I read it but I still don't understand the difference between gas and liquid. and what is plasma? all I had heard was about those three. :( would someone please explain?

These are commonly called "states of matter."

A gas is compressible.

A liquid is much less compressible but cannot put any resistance against a sheer force. You can imagine this as a cylinder of liquid and you grab two points and force them sideways and it moves without any resistive force.

A solid is also not very compressible but if you grab a bar of a solid and try to force each hand in different directions it will not move much.

A plasma is a special state that is so high temperature that the electrons, protons, and neutrons form a gas cloud. This is sort of like a gas but is a very special state that is formed in special circumstances not common in nature.

oh my god this is very hard stuff. what do you mean? is water gas? are liquid? please help please help :((

The official definitions are:

Gas - compessible and cannot withstand a sheer force.

Liquid - only slightly compressible and cannot support a sheer force.

Solid - only slightly compressible and can support a sheer force.

solid :: ice (molecules r bounded tightly no space to move rigid shape)
liquid:: normal water (molecules r losely bounded they can move no definite shape)
Gas:: water vapours (molecules r place at large distance can move very freely)

water has 3 states of matter

its depend upon how close the atom are, if they are far away then it is gas, it they near by it is liquid, if they are tightly packed then it is solid:D

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