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What is a Pseudo-random Noise (PN) sequence?

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pn sequence in cdma

A Pseudo-random Noise (PN) sequence is a sequence of binary numbers, e.g. ±1, which appears to be random; but is in fact perfectly deterministic. The sequence appears to be random in the sense that the binary values and groups or runs of the same binary value occur in the sequence in the same proportion they would if the sequence were being generated based on a fair "coin tossing" experiment. In the experiment, each head could result in one binary value and a tail the other value.

what is pn sequence

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pn sequence cdma

It looks more to someone that is doing a

cdma pn sequence

PRN sequence is used in GPS rx for time to first fixed when at least 4 satellites are visible...


PN stands for pseno random codes in CDMA.PN is assigened at each sector of BTS wn a subsriber come in to that sector that PN is a BTS each sector has one PN.Each PN has a differnce of 168.for example let α has PN 4.then θ will have PN of 168+4=172 then √=172+168=340

what is pn in cdma

PN codes are generated using LFSR(linear feedback shift registers).

pn sequence generator in digital communication

PN as already defined by fellow members is a unique identifier for a sector or cell of a CDMA BTS. There are 512 PN codes for assignement depending on the assignment strategy. PN can sometimes be refered to as short code.

The MS decodes the PN to identify the serving BTS Or the cells in the active, candidate and neighboring lists. It is thus important to have a good PN offset plan to avoid PN confusion by the MS.

In big networks, PN re-use patterns are deployed. If interested, let me know so i upload the related mathematics.

pn offset plans

they are sequences used in CDMA to spread the transmitting data. there are some algorithms to generate these codes
types of pn sequence

it is the code for the spread spectrum communication .
it can be used to synchronize the local pn code to the received pn code.

cdma pn planning wikipedia

PN sequences are usd for 2 types of spread spectrum techniques:
1) Direct Signal Spread Spectrum (DS-SS)
2) Frequency Hop spread Spectrum (FH-SS)

If u use PSK for modulating the PN seuence, it results in DS-SS
If u use FSK for modulating the PN sequence, it reults in FH-SS
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