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What are the available antenna design tools for PCB or 868-915 Mhz bands?

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Oct 29, 2001
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can anybody tell me if there are any antenna design tools availbale for PCB or simple antennas for 868 915 Mhz bands. or does any body have a design for good omin directional antenna's for these bands


ads antenna design

Try to use IE3D, best for planar problems. But classic structures on PCB in principle aren't omnidirectional.

pcb antenna design tools

sonnet is also another choice

4nec2 radiated efficiency

You can also use Ansoft Ensemble or HFSS for antenna simulations. Ensemble is like Sonnet, but HFSS is 3D program and you can simulate any structure with HFSS. If you are looking for omni directional antenna, you have to use a dipole antenna.


mstrip40 manual pdf

PIFA or chip antenna maybe a good choice.

aerialview equilateral

EZNEC or MININEC are also alternatives to use

antenna design tools

I think that CST MWS is the best choice !

chapter on microstrip transmission line

:D Thank eirp very very ... very much!!!
:D I believe that CST MWS is the best choice,indeed!!!


We have now started using a chip design which works well

thanks for help

em picasso antenna

I agree. CST Microwave Studio is the best tool, also for planar antennas.

emap5 examples

For simple and omini directional antennas try with WIPL-D.

finite ground plane in 4nec2

I think:

CST-MWS for complex antenna structures
MW*Office for simple structures, that connected to some circuits.

With respect,

broadside antenna radiation pattern

I think ADS can do something.

viewpoint of antenna design

not ADS but Momentum ( inside ADS package ) for planar (2d) antennas.

pcb trace antenna simulation tools

I want to design antenna with antenna software (eg. hp hfss v5.3) but when run post process my computer go in idle mode for long time

4nec2 slot antenna

I want to design antenna with antenna software (eg. hp hfss v5.3) but when run post process my computer go in idle mode for long time
You must enter right parameters for EM simulation, every increase numbers of cells increase time of simulation several times.
EM algoritms like FDTD (XFDTD,ZELAND,CST MWS,ANSOFT) are very robust and you must have very fast processor or processors.
If you are beginer try with algorithm based on Method of Moments. One programm based on this algorithm is NEC, it's faster several times then FDTD based programms.

radiation efficiency in 4nec2

IE3d is a useful soft
don't use HFSS,it lacks accuracy

antenna choice tool

Accuracy is important of course but;

I hate GUI and manual construction of IE3D.
I too hate graphic of @DS.

CST MWS would be my choise but I have just started to learn.

nec2c display results -xnec2c


Sonnet 8.52 is a good tool for planar antennas. It is very simple, and this version is very fast. I advice to use it. You can download the light version and see how it works.

Kind regards,

microstrip and printed antenna design tools

WHy not use H2F$$?

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