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want to ups to control my pc turn on and off

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Apr 27, 2011
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Hi,I am a new member and am a newbie in this electronics field and I was wondering if you guys could help me with this project of mine.

First a fact
.Where I live there is lots of load-shedding happening,so I use a ups to gain time to turn off the computer

with that fact in mind,what I want to do is build a circuit that will be connected to my ups and my PC's power-button.My understanding is that ups has a system that tells it to change to ac to battery when current is gone,ans battery to ac when current is back up,the circuit will be connected with that system,and the other side of the circuit will be connected with my PC's power button cables.

The power button of the pc as you all know works by one touch,you make the wires contact briefly to turn it on,and if the PC is programmed to do so,while the PC is on if they are touched again briefly then the PC is shutdown.

So,my circuit basically will take the input from the ups that current is gone and touch the wires once together and turn off the pc,and when current is back on it will take that input and touch the wires together again and turn it on.

So,basically what I am saying is that whether power goes out or comes back on the circuits main output will be to "press the power button(the power button being the two wires are touched briefly) and quick release it" once for each of the events(1 event power out and 1 event power back on).I am not looking for intelligent solution that it will know that PC is on so turn it off or it is off and turn it on(in that case though if suddenly my circuit skips once then the proccess will get reversed,when power goes out it will turn the PC on and when power is back on it will turn the PC off,-_-')

Can you guys help me out with what components I need and the circuit diagram?The help is appreciated.


Generally the oposite is performed by some UPS.
An TST ( terminate and stay resident ) application running at PC comunicates and monitors data received from UPS.
Once detect fail condition that program execute an well known Windows API ( supposed that operational system ) to turn-off PC.

It matches what you need ?

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Are you talking about an application which is there in the PC and detects the power cutt off at the UPS input and shuts the PC down.?

can you be more clear on that.

Yes...that kind of program interface is mandatory at UPS´s which manufacurers sells to operate in database servers center units.


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