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Wanna Make a Development Board

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May 31, 2012
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Hi everybody....I wanna make a development board to do the electronics experiment easily than other time..and that's why i am trying to make a development board including lcd, pic microcontroller(28pin/40pin),switch,push button, keypad, variable voltage source(3v to 12v), dot matrix, opamp and many other small now how can i start this?

There are numerous examples posted in this forum and throughout the Internet, just use the forums search feature or Google it.

Another possible option, which is far too often overlooked, is to reference the schematics and PCB files of existing Microchip development boards which are freely available for download.

For example:

**broken link removed**


I searched in Google and I could not find the proper guidence from there...that's why i need your help to find me the better way...thanks for your reply


Apart from your variable regulator, you want to have 3v3, 5v and 12v fixed regulators.

A dev board literally develops as you do, so its perhaps better to build a core board and have the factility to plug in extra i/o boards.
See this link for the general idea.

Your main board want to include the say a Pickt2/3 or ICD2/3 so you have full programming and debug factilities.

Some my opinion about this, but I dont want to discourage you to do this.

You mention lots of parts for this development board, this dev board will be complex and bigger in size with need of usage multilayered PCB. You will spent lots of time into this to make, and much more time into this to test, and solve bugs and problems. Price will be much higher then existing comercial product. If you want to make smaller dedicated dev board linked to some particular project its ok.

Often mechanics dont make giadora set or other tool, simple they buy tested and working product.

You can see complete circuit of dev board, some manufacturers give complete circuit of their dev boards.

You can search EDABoard there is lots existing threads about this.

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