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Voltage Flip Over a Capacitor

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Sep 15, 2015
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Hello everyone,

I would like to ask you if there is a way to flip the voltage across a capacitor without the use of an inductance in parallel.

I know that connecting an inductance in parallel with a capacitor, will make the system oscillate, and after half of period of their resonance frequency the voltage across the cap. will be "flipped".

There is something similar that can be done without the use of an inductance?

Thank you

A double switch (DPDT) ?

Thank you erikl, but I forgot to specify that the cap. is inside a device. The voltage flip has to be done externally. Actually I implemented out a second cap. which is charged with opposite voltage. When the DPDT switches, the charges are shared, and half voltage(circa) drop appears on the internal cap. of the device. I was wondering how i can achieve a full voltage flip.

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Thank you erikl, but I forgot to say that the capacitor is inside a black box, than I should use external circuitry. Actually what I have done, is to use a second capacitor outside the black box charged with opposite voltage, and then using a DPDT I flip it. The problem is that no full flip is achieved.

It's not possible without an inductor. If you transfer energy between capacitors without an inductor, part of the energy will be burned in the circuit resistance.

The idea to exactly "flip" the voltage with the help of an inductor is a rather theoretical idea because it depends on ideal components which don't exist in real life.

It's also necessary to open the switch exactly when the capacitor is charged to the opposite voltage.

Thank you FvM, as I suspected there is no other ways to flip the voltage across the cap without the use of an inductor. I was thinking something similar to a gyrator, but as i know it cannot store energy, then is not feasible.

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