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Virtuoso - Assura/Quantus RCX Fails


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Feb 24, 2023
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I am attempting to run Assura/Quantus RCX in Cadence Virtuoso. However, I am running into an obscure error that I am not sure how to resolve.

Assura DRC and LVS runs correctly and I have cleared all errors.

When I run RCX using the passing LVS run, I am selecting the gpdk045_av technology file provided by my university. I am also selecting the rcx_typical rule set provided in this technology. As far as any additional setup, I am simply providing the power and ground net names and selecting RC extraction.

When RCX runs, it fails on the first step titled: Generate RCX input data from Assura LVS database
I have pasted the error section from the log below.
Processing nwell_conn 1 shapes 0.0 sec.
write edge nwell_conn took 0.00 user, 0.00 sys, 0.00 elapsed, 130424.0 kbytes
Processing metal2_conn 11 shapes 0.0 sec.
write edge metal2_conn took 0.00 user, 0.00 sys, 0.00 elapsed, 130580.0 kbytes
Processing metal1_conn 18 shapes 0.0 sec.
write edge metal1_conn took 0.00 user, 0.00 sys, 0.00 elapsed, 130720.0 kbytes
WARNING (LBMISC-215001): file 'satfile' is not a sat file

ERROR (LBMISC-215002): it is a unrecognized format file

INFO (LBCLV-5577): fatal error:
INFO (LBCLV-5129): /apps/cds/ext171/tools.lnx86/extraction/bin/esort
INFO (LBCLV-5129): -V
INFO (LBCLV-5129): metal1_conn_pintext
INFO (LBCLV-5129): metal1_conn
INFO (LBCLV-5129): _nmos1v_MOS_2
INFO (LBCLV-5129): poly_conn
INFO (LBCLV-5129): ndiff_conn
INFO (LBCLV-5129): pwell
INFO (LBCLV-5129): _pmos1v_MOS_10
INFO (LBCLV-5129): pdiff_conn
INFO (LBCLV-5129): nwell_conn
INFO (LBCLV-5129): metal2_conn
INFO (LBCLV-5129): Via1
INFO (LBCLV-5129): cont_poly
INFO (LBCLV-5129): cont_pdiff
INFO (LBCLV-5129): cont_ndiff
INFO (LBCLV-5129): ptap
INFO (LBCLV-5129): ntap
INFO (LBCLV-5039):
ERROR (LBCLV-5578): the above command failed with status 255
ERROR (LBRCXM-609): Bad return status from RCX run. 0xff00

Has anyone seen this type of error before when running parasitic extraction? I am not sure how to troubleshoot, since the error message is not very descriptive.

Thank you

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