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Aug 30, 2007
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hi evrey body
i want to transfer my VHDL code trough leonardo to l-edit (transistor level)
but because of the libraries in the leonardo have not any .TDB library in the l-edit
i cant transfer my design
if you have the laibrary that have (.SYN) and (.TDB) please upload that and please guid me how to add (.SYN) library to leonardo(the statement that i shoud add to devices.ini in the lib folder of leonardo)
thanks alot

pin-level vhdl code

First of all - YOUR POST IS ABOUT DIGITAL, not ANALOG. Get your posting right and don't cross-post.

Now let me think. I did this once but I used Symplicity to compile to gates and output EDIF. Then, import EDIF into the LED SPR and run using a tdb file of standard cells.

But you are right - getting a SYN file for your TDB is the hardest part. What you need to do is write a LIB file, then use LIB2SYN to generate a SYN file. Oh the joys I had writing that massive LIB by hand. And you will too!

So go find the generic scn06hp.lib or any generic lib file you have, and begin reading and understanding the function of all the statements. Then, it just takes time to make a file that is appropriate for your own library.

It's a shame that it wants so much timing and other information. To me with my small SPR blocks I don't need that stuff. My process runs at 2GHz and my clock is 10MHz - haha so what do I care about delay? Your mileage may vary.

Here is an example of an inverter from a generic LIB file cut down to the minimum. I wish it was just pin description and "function" but you can get the idea.

/* INV */
cell( INV ) {

/* cell level simple attributes */
area : 340.2;
cell_footprint : "inv";

/* pin groups in the cell */
pin( A ) {
/* pin level simple attributes */
direction : input;
capacitance : 1;
} /* pin( A ) */

pin( Out ) {
/* pin level simple attributes */
direction : output;
function : "!A";

/* timing group within the pin level */
timing() {
/* timing level simple attributes */
related_pin : "A";
intrinsic_rise : 0.135;
intrinsic_fall : 0.142;
rise_resistance : 0.421;
fall_resistance : 0.428;
} /* timing() */

} /* pin( Out ) */

} /* cell( INV ) */

tanner tdb files

see i want a easier soloution i have not a lot of time so to spent it on this

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