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Veroboard tips and tricks

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my tips are these

dont file it buy a small sanding block or make one
using cloth makes a nicer edge and cuts the oose spirals at the same time

also one you finnish sizing and cutting the tracks apart for component breaks

place the board on a flat surface

and stick white labels to it neatly
to make a good writing and finish
before any components go in

use stripboard magic for layouts
i think it is in filemanager

and its a nice app for this stuff

vero board is crap but nice work can and has been done with it

i build a vero mainframe computer
using protoboard and a single 3 ft by 2 ft piece

wire and a wrapping tool

anyone with good ideas on vero or and more protoboard tips {as pci protos for dev are avalible and can contain lots more interesting cpu etc to creat many new ideas from ie usb pic progaming and expanded functions ports avalible via cards

Not open for further replies.

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