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usb pic and wireless application

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May 20, 2009
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hi. i am planing to implement a wireless webcam for my project.
for example pic18f works as a device in usb operation mode. but it is not my device, my device is webcam, so i want to by-pass all protocols or other issues that this pic handles when it is connected to a usb. Shortly i only want to use usb connectivity of the pic. Is it possible? then, when pc sends something i will send these packets to 10 output ports parallelly as bits. i will do the reverse for packets going to pc. all these things will be done by pic. then these paralell i/o ports of the pic will be connected to an analog front end which consists of 2 channel dacs and adcs and it will be connected to a i/q transceiver. same structure will be on the webcam side. Anyone who see strange thing or can advise about my idea? Please make comments or give advices. Thanks...


From my point of view you will need to use a stronger controller who have lot of RAM since picture need lot of ram for storage

I suggest you use on of the ARM cortex new processor (STM32,LPC17xx,SAM3Uxx)

Instead of Small low memory & low process PIC MCU

ALL the best


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thanks for reply.

video format will be 160x120, 15 fps, 16 bit.
data rate is 4.6 Mbps. do you still think that i need to use a stronger controller? obviously i dont want to use a mcu other than pic because it has lots of examples and easy to use.

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