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USB library for Visual C++

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Jul 20, 2001
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visual c++ usb

Hi all,

I am searching for a library (a .lib file) to develop an application with USB support. Please can someone help me to find this library and the specifications to use it ?

Thanks a lot

c++ usb library

the lib with USB support depends on usb device to speak with.
You'll need a Driver to communicate with...

In fact, Windows already includes driver for standard USB device such as HID devices or mass storage devices... In fact, there no lib for USB because it does not work like RS232 or LPT port. If your USB devices is among the generic USB class, you just need to interface yourself with the common driver and lib (you surely need to use DDK : Driver developpement kit in order to have headers files and lib files. )

In order to develop your own interface with usb devices, you'll need a lot of time to developp the driver (you could instead use a generic driver, like windriver or USBIO but the cost is about 3500$ for the last one) or use a driver developpement software like Driver Studio... But I wish you good luck

I really suggest you to use FTDI chip, where driver is already developped and free supplied. dll is supply to.. and the USB componants cost about 8$ by one....

nevertheless, If you really need to communicate with usb device, it hope that it's a common class device :!

usb visual c++

HiTex do a USBIO, a universal USB device driver, i'm sure you can find it with google. This allows you to talk to any usb device, using bulk isochronous or interrupt transfers.
The source code for the driver is included, writen in M$ VC.
It exposes an interface to be used by win 32 aplications.
I have it, give me site, I will send it to you.
hope this helps.

usb library

Another good option, is to look at FTDI chips, they enumerate as a comm port. They provide royalty free drivers for all popular os.
Makes it very easy.

visual c usb

Does anyone have the latest Microsoft Windows XP DDK?

- Jayson

usb library for c++

Thesycon ( has a good universal driver for USB
I recomment to check out their demo.
Source of the lib for C, delphi is included.

If it is ok for you come back :wink:

cheers UsbMan

usb lib

USBIO is so expensive

last year : it was 4000$ for the binaries of the driver and 8000 $ for sources included

c++ usb lib

Well, apparently there's a "light" USBIO version that is free. It has some limitations, but maybe it's still enough:
* Supports no more than one one Interrupt or Bulk IN endpoint.
* Doesn't support isochronous endpoints
* Supports no more than one endpoint
* Doesn't support class-specific and vendor-specific requests on endpoint zero (EP0) (Supports standard requests on EP0)
It comes with the following :
* USBIO driver executable (usbio_lt.sys)
* demo application executable (usbioapp.exe)
* source code of the C++ class library (usbiolib)
* source code of the C++/MFC demo application (usbioapp)
* USBIO COM interface (usbiocom.dll)
* source code of the USBIO COM demo applications (written in Visual Basic and Delphi)
* USBIO Installation Wizard
* complete documentation
* license agreement
The actual download can be found here hepp://3*

visual c++ usb library

how can i get full version

c usb library

need full version too
if you want to share

windows c++ usb

anyone has US*B2D*LL from br*a*intech* ?

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