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USB Audio interface 10

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Feb 26, 2007
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I want to build 10 chanel input audio interface to work on usb
44.1,48,96 khz 16 bit selectible.

If you have an idea,is it posible on usb 1.0 or it must be with usb 2.0, what about the drivers ? are there some drivers already done by microsoft ,or i must develop my own?
My plan is:

MCU pic or avr, 5 x dual ADC 16 bit,CPLD or some sram chip...
I can make all before sending via usb to computer...but that part usb connection,i dont know near anything about.

I am just colecting overall info ,before i start anything...

Sory for bad english...

have a look at
**broken link removed**

and application notes
**broken link removed**

Here's a project with a similar theme:

It's not exactly what you are proposing, but it should give you some ideas.

for 96KHz/16bit you need 1.536Mbit/sec for 1 channel

USB 1.0 has a speed of 1.5 Mbit/s , you can't use it even for a mono channel at this rate
USB 1.1 has a speed of 12 Mbit/s , it will not fit 10 channels
high-speed USB 2.0 has a speed of 480 Mbit/s so it may be the only solution for you


Edit: I had "you can use it even for a mono channel at this rate" instead of "you can't use it even for a mono channel at this rate"
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Thanks for replay,alexan how you calculate this 96Khz/16bit 1.536Mbit/sec for 1Ch?

I will look the stuff you post to me all.


It is quite simple, when you have a rate of 96000 samples/sec with 16bit each then for each second you need 96000*16=1536000 bits


Now is clear,i misunderstand,i was thinking 1.5Mbytes ....

Any help? more... with asio drivers and usb 2.0,i2s...

ISP1583BS this is usb2.0 peripherial controller,does any body have some expiriance with it... i plan to use that ic for usb 2.0.

Any ideas how to interface ISP1583BS with CPLD or FPGA... do i have to use microcontroler? I need all 10 chanels from A/D to buffer in same time in CPLD or FPAGA or may be in some FIFO and than to transmit to ISP1583 internal transmit buffer,i read datasheet and is have a few modes :SPLIT BUS,DMA.... witch i should choose?


Is that possible to do without usb HIGH SPEED,but to use 44.1Khz and 16bit...? and use only PIC18f4550 for usb conectivity with PC?

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