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Ultra Bright LED - questionabout operating point

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Mar 28, 2009
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Ultra Bright LED

Now a days ultra bright LEDs are being popular in emergency light, torch light even home lighting systems.

It is larger in size and higher in price and brighter compared to conventional LEDs (colored LEDs used in indicator units).

So far I know, LEDs typical operating Voltage 3.6 with 20-30mA current. As the ultra bright LEDs are giving much more light, its operating Voltage and current must be higher than the older.

I already bought this but confused about its ratting. One LED already damaged while testing.

If anyone have any experience or knowledge about it, please share to us.

Ultra Bright LED

The datasheets for very bright LEDs describe the ways to cool them. If you don't calculate a method to cool them and use it correctly then they fail.

Especially the cheap Chinese LEDs that are made with bits of string and held together with chewing gum.

Ultra Bright LED

Normally LED's supplied from reputed companies are supplied with datasheets with all technical details. If the LED is from China, naturally it will not have any datasheet provided. rather you may supply 3 to 3.3volts with a current limiting resistor of 10 Ohm and test the same. Good luck

Re: Ultra Bright LED

The cheap Chinese LED does not have many spec's.
My Philips Lumileds SuperFlux LEDs show the max allowed current at various ambient temperatures and with different amounts of cooling from pcb copper (they have 4 leads to dissipate the heat).
Their max is 70mA and they are hot when operating at 53mA on my circuit board.

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