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TTL to ECL and ECL to TTL convertors

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Jul 25, 2002
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I need TTL to ECL and ECL to TTL convertors for 200Mhz data signals.
Anybody know where I can to find this chips?
What about convertors on 1.5Ghz, any seen something like this?


Motorola was the fist to make these translators as part of their ECL product line. Others do as well.

For Fairchild, look here **broken link removed**

For motorola you are stuck. They do not show their ECL line on their web site. Even Google cannot find it. They also drive off customers by eliminating
many of their sole source products after you design them into your product. They claimed that there was no problem caused by their eliminating the
divide by 3 IC because a divide by 10/11 would substitute for it.
I suggest that everyone avoid Motorola at all cost.

For On Semiconductor copies of Motorola look here,3403,l0%3DProduct%26l1%3DLogic%26l2%3DProduct%2BFamilies,00.html

I have same problem to find old parts from companies like Motorola, HP, MA-COM, ....

old parts

usually when a good company like MA-Com or HP (now Agilent) discontinue a
part it is because they have a better one to replace it.

Motorola does the debt spiral effect by eliminating low sales volume parts
which makes customers not design their parts into future products which
lowers the sales volume of the remaining parts which gets the low sellers cut .....
(cycle n times until no parts are left)

National Semiconductor does the same thing. Through hole packages were
eliminated when the dropped to 1% of sales. I avoid them for the same
reason as Motorola, the sole source parts will be discontinued in the future.

You might examine the new parts from MA-Com and Agilent to see which one
has the same package and adequate or better performance. Sometimes a
telephone call or e-mail to their local rep will get you the replacement part

I always try to design in parts with multiple sources.

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