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[SOLVED] Trying to identify electronic symbols in circuit.

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Dec 3, 2012
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I have this circuit diagram and I need help identifying two symbols.
At the bottom left just to the right of the thermistor, the box connected
to ground and the crossing lines inside it. Also the top middle,
the two round symbols with line thru the middle and arrow pointing down.
I would like to know what these are. I have looked thru alot of symbols and
have not been able to id them.


Thank You,
Bo Hunter

I think that box in the lower left is supposed to show a shielded, twisted-pair cable; the shield is grounded at the board end. The other two symbols, I am assuming are current sources, since there is a .1mA value. That's not the normal symbol for a current source, though.

Since a voltage source is series to the circular things I think they can also be some ammeter to measure current through the ckty But this is not a common symbol.

But don't you think a current source cannot be connected in series with a voltage source like this You will need a high resistance to it right Barry

Well I guess I should have read the document twice before posting.
I was reading it again and come upon this part.

"To overcome these errors, a regulated low current
(100 μA) is supplied through a current regulator. The one
chosen for this circuit is a Texas Instruments REF200. This
device contains two current regulators and a current mirror
(the current mirror will not be used)."

So would that be these two items I was talking about?

Thank You,
Bo Hunter

Like Barry says its shielded twisted-pair cable, with connection to the ground. Also other two symbols are current sources of 100uA.

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