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Trying to identify a SMD fet.. need some helpful hints.

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Feb 25, 2006
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I am trying to identify a FET or perhaps transistor that is used in the Eflite Blade mcx 5-in-1 controller. I fried mine the other day and want to see about finding a replacement set for future use and possibly to repair the one I damaged,, thouh I suspect it is useless as the pcb is fried and a trace lifted also...;) all by itself!

This part is giving me a headache to find in conventional searches and common smd parts lists,, but am hoping one of the board gurus will have a more complete database or listing that they are keeping stashed away for just such refs?

This part is in sot-23 package I believe with a code as follows: ADUE16 ,, the AD are underlined, the U has a dot above, and the number 16 is running vertical and small beside the E.

As mentioned, I have had no luck searching for this code! The 5-in-1 is a rf receiver, mixer, gyro, etc all on one tiny pcb. The thing runs off single cell lipo and has a low voltage cut-off. The motors these fets are running are not much larger than pager motors- they are small, likely types used in regular small servos perhaps- anyways I am wondering if I cannot find the exact part then maybe finding some similar ones based on what power specs I can manage to find out?

Any help much appreciated! I hope I posted in right area!

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