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transmitting body vital signs using GSM modem [HELP!]

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Nov 11, 2009
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i'm a telecommunication engineering student and i have a project called "transmitting body vital signs using GSM modem"
actually i don't know where to start from, i have some info but i'm really confused :S
i was wondering if someone can help me with this or provide me with some hints.
here are the main points i have on my mind:

* body vital signs like temp. or ECG signal "i have to transmit multiple signs"
* how to interface the sensors with the GSM modem? "which PIC to use"
* which modem to use?
* how to transmit the data from the first modem to the second one? "i think it should be like a sms message"
* how to display the data at the receiver?

i would be very thankful if i find some answers because this project is essential for my graduation.

Thank you!

Hi, i never used GSM communication! But you have some modems for this.

About microcontrolers, you can looking for some evaluation boards from some Designers of UC. I know exas and microchip they have something going in this way.
I am interested for your project, because i will need the same probably very soon, about read the ECG. So i think is good you looking for this products.

About GSM comunication, i think is not a big problem, i think you only need make your "setences" pack all information and send your data in this sms. On the other side, where you receive the data, you need unpack the "setences" and put this data in good look for all people understand.

More things or if you like discuss, just tell.

Best regards

I know a good solution for you. Visit site about **broken link removed**. You can easily find there embedded computers' family called NPE. I has implemented: gprs modem, Linux system, analog inputs and diversity of programs and programing environments (JVM, gcc, apache). You can connect it to almost every analog sensor, basically analyze and send data via GSM network or Ethernet. For example, here is **broken link removed**.

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