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transistor replacement part

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Antonio Georgiev Aleksiev

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Jul 13, 2015
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Hello , i have one broken transistor but i dont know with which one to change it , on the transistor it's written: 014(on the first raw) , MO5AF(on the second raw) , and 31045 (on the third raw)
I couldn't find anything about this transistor.
Sorry for my bad english.

If you still haven't found any information yet, if possible try posting a photo of the transistor, it gives people a lot more clues. I searched but like you found nothing except for a voltage regulator that was described as "house numbered" 31045, it coincides with: National Semiconductor LM2930T. And National is now a part of TI, but the part doesn't seem to be in their products.
It's hard from a description, as in a worst case, that 014 could be the year and M05AF could even refer to the month of manufacture of your device, and the same goes for 31045.
Post a photo! Some-one will try to identify it or maybe know it.

I admit I need to see the photos to at least give a try to identify.

Having said that, if the transistor with 014 is in TO92 package, it is probably 2N9014 - a general purpose NPN transistor. A rough equivalent is BC547 or BC549.

Put the photos and give the details of that board ?

The problem is that i am writing from my phone and no see "atach file "button
If it is not transistor , it may not be broken, because i test it like transistor
The element is from edu isuzu 1.7 L
I tried to find some information abou that edu one week , but no results thats why i am asking

I see what you mean, lots of results to search through for edu Isuzu 1.7L...

Is there "insert image" or some other option on your phone in a context menu related to e-mail/messaging?

Sounds like a question for the car electronics experts...

No doubt you've seen this already, probably doesn't help...:

Sorry, I was looking, and it could be a lot of things - a SSR/regulator/rectifier/IGBT/etc..., a photo of the circuit and the device would help the experts here. Good luck.
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