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Transformer for filtering in the full bridge inverter

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Dec 7, 2010
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i am building an inverter(1000W) using 2 full bridge inverters and self oscillating full bridge drivers IRS2453D. After the first IRS2453D there is a step up(12-220V) transformer at 10KHz. Then comes the other IRS2453D at 50Hz. What i know is that i need a 1:1 transformer at the output for filtering but i dont know how to do this. i need specifications about the transformer or some means of filtering. Is the transformer a high frequency and the transformer should not be too large. the step up transformer is about 7cm long.

Hello mazhara, if i may ask you are you using dc to dc converter to step up 12v to 340v or you are using low freq transformer to step up using 50hz?

i am using high frequency transformer to step up 12v to 220v ac and then rectify to 311V dc and the another full bridge to convert to 220v ac at 50Hz. how can i achieve filtering

What i know is that i need a 1:1 transformer at the output for filtering.
I doubt, that you "know" it, because your inverter would be the first to implement a transformer in this place. Did you realize, that the transformer needs a nominal power of 1000 VA @50 Hz and is possibly larger than the remaining inverter parts? Sounds like re-inventing the square wheel. :smile:

A self-oscillating 50 Hz driver will generate a square wave at the output. If you don't want it, implement a sine PWM for the output switcher. After that, you may think about filtering the PWM ripple with a LC filter. You need a small inductor for it, not a big transformer.

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