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Track position of flying object with sensor of some kind?

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Jun 19, 2011
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I need to keep track of the position of a blimp flying inside a closed environment, mounted on which there is an Arduino and some other sensors, but can't figure out a solution (I am fairly inexperienced with eletronics).

I have tried to use an accelerometer for this, since, according to some sites (like this one and this one), it is possible, even though highly innacurate. I'm using an ADXL320 for the task, but the readings I get from it won't change when i move the it (it does change when I change the IC's inclination relative to the earth's surface, as expected). I think this is because the acceleration on a moving blimp is way too small.

I've also considered a GPS shield for the Arduino, but I don't think that would work since the blimp will be flying in a closed environment.
Also, the blimp is small, so there are severe weight restrictions on the components.

So, what are my options for keeping track of position of a flying object?

Thank you!

What's the intended position range (volume of closed enviroment) and accuracy?
RF time of flight respectively phase difference measurement with multiple receivers should basically work.

...what are my options for keeping track of position of a flying object?...

It is possible to use a camera to perform tracking of object path.
That is not an elementary task, due algorithm complexity involved witch require camera calibration and determination of camera model parameters.

That approach is used at some vehicles tracking applications to improve accurace obtained from GPS.


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