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To impose speed limit zones, which way of wireless communication or protocol is best?

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Apr 1, 2011
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Coimbatore, India
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In my project, i am about to impose speed limits on vehicles..!! keeping a transmitter in the road side (in the zone) and a receiver inside the vehicles, a data should be transferred from transmitter to the receiver which will impose the corresponding speed limit..

If the zone is like a school zone or a hospital zone, an RF transmitter can be kept at the center which may transmit the data centrifugally. But if it is a long straight road, say 1 to 2 km in which i should impose speed limit, an RF transmitter cannot be used.. because, if there is another road, parallel to it (in which, the speed limit is not necessary), the RF data transmitted will affect the vehicles in both the road(since RF dont hav directionality), which is not a necessary one.. here, IR can be used.., on the entering side of the road., IR transmitter can be kept which will impose speed limits and in the end of the road, another IR transmitter can be kept which can RESET it and make the vehicle free.. But, if IR is used, if a vehicle overtakes another vehicle in that place where v had kept the IR transmitter, then the data cant reach the overtaking vehicle as it wont be in direct contact with the vehicle..

So, like these., there r many advantages and disadvantages in all the communications or protocols.. i want to make a comparison on all these and want to choose the effective way.. so, whatever u think as the adv or disadv, pls say to me, it will help me... it may be in cost, properties, license issues, security problems, etc.. in IR or RF or protocols like ZigBee or WiFi, etc...

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