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TIRIS Texas Instruments RF-id Problems

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Jan 15, 2003
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tiris crc calculation

Hi I do have a problem with Texas Instruments RI-CTL-MB6A-03 TIRIS reader. I send a packed wich is valid according to datasheets and the responce is strange and not acording to what I expect !. Who has a code example ?. I want to use packed-CRC mode and NOT ASCII mode.

tiris protocol

if you want use TBP (Tiris Bus Protocol) you must change the settings of RI-CTL... The best way is download Tiris Reader Utility (S2Util). You can read how to use this prog. in the attached file. Notice: after you change configuration you must switch on the first contact on DIP switch S1. Then turn off/on the power. Via Tiris Reader Utility you can send commands to reader and if turn on Expert Mode (menu VIEW-->Expert Mode) you can see what sendPC and answer from reader.
I hope it will help you.

I have used the DOS based utility and configured the unit for TIRIS Packet mode @ 38400 N 8 1. I send packets to the unit with propper CRC (check) and the responce is not what I expect. I am expecting to receive a packet responce starting with 0x01 SOH and ending with 0x04 EOT... it seems the baudrate of the responce is different if I look at the signal with an oscilloscoop.... any clue ?

Hi Paul,
it is many years ago what I used DOS util. I use only win. version. But what I know is that the default baudrate is 9600 N 8 1 and ASCII protocol. For communication use connector ST21. The service connector ST23 no longer supported (from firmware V1.4 onwards). See attached doc. page 13. I think that, if all switches on S1 are Off the CTL unit is in default mode and is valid what I wrote above(default baudrate is 9600 N 8 1 and ASCII protocol). The red LED is flashing (it indicating reading cycle). When you will put near transponder too the antenna and everything is O.K. the green LED must flash. With Reader Utility you can try connect. Select Operation Mode -> ASCII Mode. If all O.K. the reader will send his Type and Version. If you get this information you can continue. Now select Operation Mode -> Config Mode. After this Reader Utility can try reproach parameters from EEPROM. In this mode you can change all parameters. For example Baud rate, Com.Intreface,Com.Protocol and so on. All changes will show after writing and switching first contact DIPswitch S1.


Hi, Thanks for the help !. The application its being used in is very old and I need to improve and extend the firmware :) so that is why all is so old :). thanks.

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