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Through hole component for SMT process

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Apr 7, 2022
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I am planning to use a lower temperature solder for the SMT process (still not sure how low is it, but probably less than 180 degree celcius)
Saying so, I am wondering if we can put the through hole (TH) component inside the SMT reflow machine.
Is there anyone have any information about this?
What kind of TH component that can suffer the 180 degree celcius?
I know that we can just buy a new SMD component. but is there any option to use the huge amount of existing TH component in stock, instead of buying a new SMD component?

Any input is greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.


this is no new topic. Thus i guess you my find a lot of informations by doing an internet search.

I guess you don´t want to put an LCD glass or a battery inside an SMD oven.
And maybe you know that there are THM parts (like some connectors) that may be soldered in a reflow process.
Thus the answer should be obvious: It depends.

I see no other way than to read the datasheet of each part you want to solder.

Many products will describe the attach temperature-time
envelope, something like "soldering, 300C for 10 seconds"
but of course this will vary with construction. Resistors,
capacitors should be fine, ceramic packages are good,
plastic with high moisture sensitivity would be very bad
(but who does that anymore?). I'd worry about electrolytic
and wet tantalum caps, which could boil, along with the
other examples of sensitive stuff.

You may have the responsibility of vetting each BOM article
yourself, by reading datasheets and related app notes from
component vendors 1 - N.
Hi Klaus and Dick,

Thank you for the feedback.
I have tried to read the datasheet, but mostly it is incomplete.
Some datasheet only shows the operating temperature, not the reflow temperature, that is why I find it is so difficult to get any information.

For the internet research, I have done it using some keyword such as:
through hole components for smt process
change through hole component to smt
high temperature through hole components
through hole components for reflow soldering
through hole components inside reflow soldering

all of this keyword leaves no clue for me.
I will try to find more information in the internet

"THR" or "pin in paste" addresses soldering of through hole components in reflow process. Components need to be specially designed. PB-free reflow soldering peak temperature is rarely below 230-250 °C. Low temperature solders are available for special purposes, but afaik not suited for SMT process.
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