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the output points or terminals location for multivibrators

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Nov 8, 2012
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Good day to all, am a little bit confused about the terminals or the output terminals for a both an astable, monostable, and bistable multivibrators.

in addition, i was learning something on the multivibrators and i tried to use an idea of the theory associated to the ON and OFF(SET or RESET) pulse duration (of elapse) and to use a multisim simulation software to test run it and see if actually the two states will b unstable but i didnt notice anything, so i quess my design was wrong or perhaps didnt know how to chose my required components and use the multisim software. i use the following component for both sides: transistors 2N2222A(2 transistors), 1.0k ohms resistors(4 resistors), two 3300 microfarads capacitors and i used +5V dc to run it- is this feasible?

also, i used a transistor's configuration and not 555 timer

perhaps somebody could giv a clue on how to design d multivibrators using both the 555timers and transistor configuration showing ol the details in term of input and output terminals and perhaps attached the circuit for me; also put me through on how to go about simulation it using MULTISIM simulation software

thanks in advance

There is an interactive animated simulator that will help to aid in understanding. Its library of circuits includes the multivibrators you mention.

Click the link below. It will open the website at

It will load a monostable multivibrator constructed from transistors, and will run it on your computer. (Click Allow to load the Java applet.)

Click the pushbutton switch momentarily to start the delay action.

You can watch where current flow is strongest. You can experiment with placing a load at such positions.

You'll find other multivibrators by going to the menu 'Circuits > Transistors > Multivibrators'.

There are also circuits based around the 555 IC.
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Thanks, i found it interesting but the JAVA APPlet seemed to be customised, i cant have it instaled just like oda sim software as multisim

True, Falstad's simulator does not use the netlist format.

Nevertheless it is versatile and useful, particularly for its animation, and interactive capability.

Thanks so much Engr BradtheRad but i am very much curious on how to use the multisim simulation software; i've always spent time online day and night downloading all sort of help material/tutorials on this same multisim and yet i've gotten any good ref material. could u give some clue to that if at all u r conversant with using it?

Multisim is mentioned often in threads at this board. You can do a search on 'multisim' and see what turns up.

Or you can start a new thread with 'multisim' in the title. Someone who is familiar with it will spot the title, and may reply.

Other simulators are mentioned often here. For example TINA and LTSpice are popular.

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