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The easiest microcontroller to learn about

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Dec 10, 2006
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easiest microcontroller

Which microcontroller is the easiest to start with?

easiest microcontroller to program

PICAXE, without any doubts ..

**broken link removed**

easiest way to program a microcontroller

For me, I suggest to get start with PIC, it has suffecient resources online and many practical project to practice as well..

Start by buying a PIC chip (Say 16F624) and lookfor its programmer online (easy to get) build a programmer as well as simple test circuit with few LEDs and push-buttons at in/out ports pins, you may add some touches like LCD or keypad or whatever..

Then, get some tutorial, and follow up to end (along with practice!).

Of course you have to get the Datasheet as well as some application notes related to the project you aim.. (but the most important is the Datasheet!)

Select the language you use to program with (I suggest to start with Assembly!!)

Make projects, ask for help .. :)
Best Wishes..
micro controller theary tutorial

Teh easiest mcu to learn is the Parallax's Basic Stamp. Look at for tutorial and examples.

If you have grabbed all basic technique with BASIC STAMP, you would be "promoted" to mcu such as PIC, 8051, etc.

easiest to program microcontroller

Only PIC ...... easiest
easiest microcontroller to use

ATMEL AVR family controllers are very good easy and more suitable for embedded applications.
u can use attiny2313, atmega32 or any other of avr family.
the programmer is so easy just search google for "pony programmer"
easiest microcontroller to learn

Any thing among PICs, AVRs, and PICaxe.. all are cool :)
basicx-24 microcontroller india price

read the datasheet of 16f84

easiest microcontroller

PIC is a RISC device that you can write programs by learning a few instructions this makes it really easy to learn, also 8051 is another easy uC for a beginner.

However, I prefer Motorola uCs, because of it's architecture and reliability and I recommend you to start with Motorola 68HC08...

68hc12 microcontroller tutorial

8051 is pretty easy to start with. I recommend that u also get the book by yousaf mazidi on 8051 microcontrollers. Its a great book for beginners.
easy way to program microcontroler

clairvoyant13 said:
Which microcontroller is the easiest to start with?
I suggest to learn Atmel AT89C51, it is compatable with 8051
the internet has many example about it
also, it is easy to migrate from Atmel AT89C51 to Atmel AVR for more complex projects.
best regards
picaxe 08 basic picaxe core


You start either PIC or 8051 both are simple to understand and easy to impliment and also lot's of information on search engines as well as edaboard.

wish you all the best

68hc12 microcontroller theory and applications

do you have the solution for this text book please

Pack, Daniel J. and Barrett, Steven F., 68HC12 Microcontroller. Theory and applications,

16f624 download

Go for avr if you want to have a general approach as the different avr's donot vary too much..... start from atmega32
picaxe 08m tutorial

I am confused.
Is it true that BASIC is one of the easiest programming languages?
If yes, can someone advice which BASIC dialect should I choose: BASCOM, PICBasic or PICAXE BASIC?

There are microcontroller modules BasicStamp and BasicX. Hardware is more expensive, but the development environment is free and easy to use.

PIC with CCS compiler is easy to learn too, but the compiler would cost you.
microcontroller easiest

the easiest and most popular core is 8051 ......... hundreds of varients of C51 available and it is good start for the beginers
motorola ucs

Yes, mate ..
BASIC is one of the simples languages, and PICAXE is probably the simplest dialect of all of them ..

Dowload these three manuals on PICAXE, part 2 describes PIC BASIC ..

Software is free (**broken link removed**), you don't need any special programmers (PICAXSE is directly connected to PC's serial port) etc. etc.
I really can't see enything else simpler than that ..
Even if a lot of memnbers may say: 8051, AVR or PIC is very simple, but as far as simplicity is concerned NOTHING can beat PICAXE ..

avr learn 8051


I have been comfortable with 8051. Maybe I should start looking at PICAXE, after all the above discussion.
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