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The address provides prestigious and quality airport LED screen


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May 11, 2020
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The airport area is considered a "golden place" for installing LED screens. Because of the vast space, the number of people can reach up to millions of people every year. Customers are extremely diverse, so this is an ideal area for advertising and product marketing.
However, when embarking on the application of any technology product. Then businesses also need to learn about the supplier of the screen, to ensure the quality and reasonable price.
And LEDONE Vietnam is definitely an address you cannot ignore.

What are the benefits of LED screen applications at the airport?

Create a more luxurious, majestic airport space
Quick access to a large number of customers
Content advertising slideshows, interesting
Increase sales for businesses
Attract customer attention, increase the ability to convert
Bring new advertising effects, keep up with the trend of modern technology
Create a competitive advantage with competitors.

Information about LEDONE Vietnam

LEDONE Vietnam (full name is LEDONE Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company) was established in 2017. Despite being newly established, LEDONE Vietnam is always trusted and selected by customers.
Some LEDONE products provide:
Led screen at home
Outdoor LED display
LCD advertising screen
Centralized management solution
With the motto of "brand name is higher than sales", that's why LEDONE always focuses on customers. .
Why should you choose LEDONE Vietnam?
With the superior benefits that LED display at the airport brings, it is definitely the choice of LED screen application to be a smart choice for every business. However, with the large screen size and the initial investment is not small. The search for a reputable and specialized supplier in the field is very necessary.
When choosing LEDONE Vietnam, you will definitely be satisfied. By:
All products are imported genuine, quality assurance when delivered to customers
Provide full product papers (CO-CQ)
Consultant team, experienced technical staff in the field
Fast shipping, safe construction, as required by customers
Support payment in many different forms (flexible with customers)
Long-term warranty
Support 50% prepayment for businesses
If your business is in need of construction, install LED screens at the airport. Please contact us via the address:
LEDONE Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company
Headquarters: 104 alley 360 Xa Dan Street, Trung Phung Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi City
Hotline: 0938,555,536 (Ms. Quynh)
Website: https://ledonevn.com

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