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Testing Artificial Intelligence: Ask It Questions about Electronics


Dec 31, 1999
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As the former founder of, I have integrated OpenAI's AI into the Elektroda forum. I'm seeking assistance in testing this bot by asking questions related to electronics or programming. Your help will enable us to train this model more effectively. Thank you.

Here is the URL with the playground:

You need just write:
@ElektrodaBot here write your question
Perhaps an artificially intelligent can figure if first needs to register, log-in at that linked site with password and then type the elektrodabot somewhere... If it was intelligent enough, that site would know where am coming from, what are the intentions from the origin and present the proper place to ask something.

I was going to ask for an transformer analogy, but am not intelligent enough for that site. :(
I was playing with the bot pushing into their limits, trying to teach the most comprehensive answer.
I wonder if someone else will get the correct answer with the same ( rephrazed ) original question.
Thanks, you are right, the registration process must be simple and the button to "call" ElektrodaBot will be provided. Thank you for your tests andre_luis!! It works. Can't wait for the new model.
I do not like the way of expressing an exponent as "10^3 pF" instead of a superscript.
I do not like to see ounces "oz/ft²" as units in copper thickness (but this time there is a proper exponent) Consistency matters.
Thanks, will try to continue to give you constructive headaches...:rolleyes:
Just released GPT-4, results are much better. Less misleading. Better calculations.
You can test here:
Hi @gulson, just out of curiosity, will a confirmation from us about the correct response from the Bot, will it reinforce the weight of this response in the overall training? I'm asking this because I noticed that you were amazed at the accuracy of the calculation result, but you didn't rate the Bot's response as "helpful"; was it a mere forgetfulness :sneaky:?
I found it easy to sign in via my Google account. It was easy to address a question to ElektrodaBot in the Reply window.

I submitted some questions and it gave me sensible replies with explanations.

In a Turing test I'm sure it would fool me into believing a human being is at the other end.
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Thank you for your tests! Quality of this Bot is much better than GPT3.5 version!
didn't rate the Bot's response as "helpful"; was it a mere forgetfulness :sneaky:?
You are right, this topic
is just a kind of "sandbox" to play with GPT-4. Users can create own topic and they can mark reply Bot as helpful. What I know models GPT3.5 and GPT4.0 can not be trained. What I can do is create a vector database and store all marked helpful messages and give additional "eyes" for GPT Bot about what is more important.
Will try create a landing page now.

Thank you again for all tests! To summarise, GPT-4 is almost perfect also in electronics field.

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