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Temperature Controller with TI Temperature sensor

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Jan 29, 2006
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I have TI TMP175 ( sensor.

I need to use this to control a system's temperature.

I dunno how to go about. :cry:
Can somebody plz help, Provide what kinda chip/ circuit i sud use with?

The features i need are it sud have are temperature display, the temperature can be controlled either by direct connection to heating coil or by using a relay.

As you can see iam naive, so somebody plz help me!

You need a micro to talk to this sensor.

You could use a PIC16F84, for example, but you need to know a little about programming it, since you have to emulate an I2C interface to talk to the sensor. The rest can be done pretty much by comparing the setpoint to a reference and deciding when to turn on/ off the heater.

For the display, you can use an HD44780-based display, which can be driven by the same PIC, without too much trouble.

As you can see, this is not a trivial task. Is this a school project?

If you already have this uC, then you can build the temperature controller based on it. I think the development tools that are free from TI will allow you to develop up to 4K of program, which is way, way more than you need for this project.
I can offer suggestions if you get stuck.

I don't really know much about electronic books, but send a private message to IanP and ask for help; he seems to know a lot of links to sites about that stuff.

I cudnt find a development tool or may be i dunno what to luk for...
can u plz ??


First of all, here is a post that includes links to e-books on microcontrollers.

I checked the TI website and here are the development tools: **broken link removed**
Try the one from this company, that offers a free trial version of their software, limited to 512 bytes. That should be enough for your project:
Download the SBSIM430 Demo v1.0.3.
It is an assembler plus simulator. I think you will write the code in assembler, right? That is the way to really learn about micros.

You can also try this demo, good for 4K after 45 days (ICC430 V6 Demo):

hi..i think this link can help u..


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