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syn DC and verilog pullup/pulldown keyword

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Feb 21, 2002
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verilog pullup

Hi ho,

I have ap roblem with a entlist and DC 2001.8 under linux.

In the netlist, there are a few verilog statements with the keywords pullup and pulldown ( i,e, pullup (zero) ).

So, my DC cannot read in this. "pullup not supported by synthesis" or "error at or near token pullup" ( only one instantiated module with the name pullup. i.e.

module pulldown ( Z );
output Z;
zero I0 ( .Y(Z) );

A DC of a collegue ( 2000.5 solaris ) has no problems with this keywords.

Is there any compiler switch or variable to avoid this error ???

verilog pull up

You cannot use pullup and pulldown in synthesis. If you have made your custom pullups/pulldowns you must name the modules somthing different because they are reserved keywords.

pulldown verilog

sorry, but i cant believe this :)

the 2000.5 solaris release of my collegue CAN handle this ( I know, that the sold tells, that this cannot be used )

But i got the modules written before from him and it works.
He instantiated the above modules and replaced the "pullup (one)" statement in the netlist wíth " pullup I1 (one) " and it works

so, i tested on linux and nt, are there any incompatibilities with the solaris version ``

verilog pulldown

Well, you better believe it... :)

DC2001.8 includes a new HDL compiler. There are several other things the new HDL compiler don't like.

I think you can switch back to the old HDL compiler by setting a variable in DC-shell. (I don't remember wich though...)

verilog pullup pulldown

ahhh, ok its versiondependent, that might be :)

I tried it a few minutes ago with 2000.5 on NT and it works *jipieh*

ok, i think the variable is something like "enable_unti ....."

thanks for the good ideas

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