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Suitable wire size for allowing 10A current on veroboard.

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Sep 15, 2012
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Hi, i am working on a MPPT charge controller project on veroboard. The input current from the solar panel is going to be 10A( means 10A going into the veroboard ).

How can i safely ensure that the board can withstand 10A? ( The input voltage is 12vdc).
Also what wire size do i need to wire up a 10A veroboard?

Can someone help me please?


Hello sunny55,

you can use wire with 0,75 mm2 (AWG 19 or AWG 20)



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Hello tpetar,

your links are good, but here was the question about wiring on a Veroboard PCB. So it's enough to use 0,75 mm² wire (AWG 19 or AWG 20).



Some recommended that applying a thicker solder along the high current carrying paths to boost the current carrying capacity of the board. Can that work too? Basically, i would still prefer using a thicker wire for carrying 10A as it would be easier.

Hello Sunny55,

thicker solder will be go also, but I don't trust it with this high current. Use a wire with the size I wrote and good is. It will be safer than only thicker solder.

For quick testing you can use thick solder, I do it also, but for final finish I use wire.



Copper to solder resistivity is about 8:1, which somehow answers the question, if 0.75 mm² can be reasonably replaced by thick solder cover.

Hi, i would like to rephrase my question . Basically , i am using jumper wires iin veroboard and now its accepting 10A , i want to know if thicker wire can withstand the current without damaging my circuit?

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What about the required track width of the board? Are veroboard fixed or there are different types?

You can try various variants its just veroboard, sometimes first design in practical usage shows some disadvantages, later device is redesigned to finished version.

There is various variants of boards and copper thickness on it.

Last time i used veroboard when I was kid, now I make fine double sided PCB for 15-30min at home. You can try to add and solder copper full cross section on veroboard tracks. To improve soldering use flux.

You can use double sided veroboard or to use two or more tracks as one to increase capacity for current.

Hi, thanks for all the information . I am trying to study and understand the cable size to current carrying capacity table but it seems that different readings are given by different sites. Is there a standard /fixed table?

You would want to give some thought to the current
capacity of the lands or whatever you like to call the
little multi-hole slabs; these have far less cross-section
than almost any wire not to mention being perforated.

I generally overstrap them with bare wire and solder
anyway, making this moot, but it bears considering.

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