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Suggestions on 10W output audio amplifiers

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Jan 9, 2002
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Anyone have a good suggestion on a audio amp for a somewhat small project. Would like to have about 10W of output power.


tda2004 project

Go to the:

There you will find under Audio section a LOOOT of stuf, including audio amps.



you can get a lot of schematics in applications notes at Natianal, ST, etc.

tda2006 project

You can use TDA2004 or TDA2006 Stereo Amp it is very useful :lol:

lm4766 amp

Try HA1377 it has 14w, works on 12V, very stable amd good audio quality.

scheme cu tda1517

Thanks to all that replied.

The reason I asked the question is that I had a little run in with a TI part. The TPA3000. It looked like the perfect solution to my product and was relativly new on the market. So I designed it in. Now fast forward a couple of months: I recieve a nice email saying that the TPA3000 was Not Recommended for New Design. Well that just about blew my mind cause the part was new! So, I am now in the business of finding a new amp. I am currently looking at the TDA1519/TDA1517 from Philips and will research the parts that were mentioned here.

thanks for your suggestions and Links


tda2009a scheme

I suggest you National semiconductor

you can have a lot of free samples of audio amplifier and you can have the power that you need.

I'm using the LM3886 which work very fine and can give up to 68W output power!!!

I'm sure you can have a chip for 10W in free samples!


application for tda1514a

What do you think about TDA1514a???
On I read that this chip is discontinuable.
Can somebody tell me Why?? I'm going to do amp on this chip and I must know is this chip good :) :D :roll: :p :oops: 8) :-? :eek: :( :)

project using tda1519

The amp you mention, TDA1514a is not listed on the Philips web site. If its NRND then you better find a different amp. Take a look at the TDA1519a, its a nice BTL amp.

tda1519a project

TDA2009A is class AB and have excellent results. Hope u will like it.

how good is the tda1514a?

Where I can find any application (scheme) with TDA1519a or TDA2009a???
I need amp about 40W or 50W Power


Could someone share a descrit component amp of about 100Wrms/4E or 8E and preferably without having to set the quiscent current. I do not want it to give crossover distortion either!


Need Audio Amp

lm3886 is good and for stereo yoy can go for lm4766 40+40W

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