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Suggestion for Final year project in control systems

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Aug 19, 2009
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final year project on control engineering

hi everybody
i am going into fianl year and i m doing electronics engineering so i need final year project in control systems .so any body having and idea explain it here i will be thankfull to all

control system final year project

Trust me if a topic is of interest to you you will be more confirtable working with. So you have to find such topic. Google and electronic project sites are a good point to start. There are universities which posts their project titles that is also good.
I will give you some topics but YOU need to make the choice to start your journey.
1- line following robot or any robot project
2- deffect finding machine
3- smart drilling machine
4- automated painting machine
5- machine containing items when you select an item the machine puts the selected in the opening
6- atm machine
7- automated chess
8- smart dust cleaner
there are lots
control systems final year projects

sir thanx alot i like the idea of defect finding machine ..will u please send me some link of universities who display their projects on link i will be very thank full to u ....also if u have other sources plz send it to me

control final year project

defect finding can be anything YOU want
you are the designer.
it can be:
color, material , holes, length, depth ....

after deciding find the appropriate sensor

then you can use conveyors to make the object walk on id defected throw away and so on
you can be creative as much as you want.

My advise is put a lower acceptable level since you have a deadline to meet if finished before then add to it.

by the way if someone helps you just push the helped button or pm the thanks
sample final year control projects

1. Robotics arm or robotics manipulator.
2. Automotive network like CAN, LIN, fluxray.
3. Convert a manual machine to a CNC machine.
4. Build a PLC using a microcontroller and the supporting GUI software (e.g. ladder diagram...etc).
5. Data acquisition cards (H/W and S/W)

Re: sample final year control projects

I am final year instrumentation engg. student i searching project which is based on PLC.... which one will be good ?pls help

1-consider a machine that makes candle cups. The task of your system is to check that the cup is filled with candle liquid or not. For that you need an ultrasonix tx/rx. The candles are moving if the sensor recognizes a defect the pump will be turned on and throw the defected candle in the trash else it will continue to the next sensor.
You can add as many sensors as you want.
sensors and pneumetric pumps are conncted to the plc

2-automated paint gun (the gun will only paint the object (skip the open part of the object)


4- pinball

there are tons of ideas on the net

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