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suggest a microcontroller

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Sep 22, 2006
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Plz suggest which microcontroller should i use if i have to cater for the following interfaces:
- two serial interfaces
- one lcd panel
- one keypad
- drive a unipolar stepper motor for step and direction

please help me as i am completely new to microcontrollers

The 16F877 has only one "standard USART" serial port and one "MSSP" (I2C or SPI) serial port. There are some higher end PICs with more.

Can u suggest a few plz........

Will an 8051 solve my purpose?

the AT89S8252 has 2 UARTs ... and also a SPI!!!
also you can search an application note at ATMEL to use the timer1 interrupt (used for the UART) to make a software UART...

If u need two serial ports u must go for dallas semiconductor controllers . In that u can find the 2 serila ports plus u can drive all other things uisng the other ports

I suggest you on ATMEGAXX AVR microcontroller.

i forgot to mention that i have to put an 8 bit ADC also.........
Will amtel 80 series not solve my purpose if i make only one serial interface work at one time and disable the other.

try ATmega64 or ATmega128, or you can visit the atmel's site and search for the optimum choice

Silicon Laboratories have many types of nice "8051" - e.g. the versatile C8051F120:
**broken link removed**

AT Mega 128. (Atmel)
But what kind of LCD are you using? 4/8 bit bus? Otherwise Atmel has also controllers with intergrated LCD controller.

TEXAS : MSP430F149 have 2 serials.
CYPRESS : CY8466 you may build how many HW devices you want

My final year project is Intelligent Antilock Braking System.My partner and I decided to use an RC car for the prototype.In order to make the system intelligent, a controller (Fuzzy Logic or Neural Network based) will take inputs of steering angle and slip value (calculated from the measured speeds of the body and wheel) to modulate the applied brake so that the slip value is maintained around 0.2 (calculated in programming)
1)any suggestions for the controller?is one of your PIC products feasible?
2)what is the sensor you suggest for the speed of the RC car?
3)what is the sensor you suggest for the steering angle?
FYI, the wheel speed is measured using a Hall effect sensor,and will be fed into a controller with PWM.
hope to hear from you..thanks

try atmegaxx , they also have an onchip 8ch adc, so you dont need to interface a extra adc to your circuit.

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