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Stupid question. Need help.

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Oct 2, 2005
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How do I wire a volume control pot for my speakers as I'm not getting much volume out of it. Any ideas?

normally the volume control for speakers is just a potentiometer / variable resistor.

if you speaker currently is not loud enough, you may have to design an amplifier circuit for the sound signal before going into the speaker?

Here's the thing. When I plug my Guitar Multi Fx through my 15 watt speaker. It sounds great but its not loud enough.

How does one place a pot for the speakers?
Also, how does one design an amplifier circuit [I hope its simple].

Thanks in advance.

In the schematic there's something strange: on both inputs there are 10000u caps, inputs being connected together.
LM386 gives about 0.5-1W.

There must be some error. The 0.1uF coupling capacitor on the audio input will attenuate most of the lower frequencies. Also the 10000uF caps on the opamp's input will short out most of the audio input to gnd. The ganged connection I think is supposed to be a dashed line on the drawing to indicate that feature.

The datasheet from national give the correct connections on pg6. Cc must be selected large enough to pass the LF side with minimal attenuation for good bass response (10-100uF)
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i think audio amp is good idea and more easy

Maybe you need an audio amplifier. I suggest you can consider the driving problem
(ie. the driving capability of the audio amplifier).

So many ready made & DIY guitar amps around....
Guitar hv few mV output so the amp should hv a matching i/p sensivity.
If you wish to DIY, here's one you can order & assembled yourself.
A straightforward amp.

Damn... I forget about software. We never thought it could be much easier than this before!
Download and install this, plug-in your guitar to your pc s/card... and.. Rock & Roll !!

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