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STRADE ASIA Aims To Serve Customers With Trusted Services

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Oct 11, 2022
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STRADE ASIA is an electronics industry company specializing in supply chain services. With 3 key services, STRADE always aims for long-term cooperation with worldwide customers to bring complete success to both sides.

1. What you need to know about STRADE ASIA

As an electronics industry company, we cherish the so-called “cooperation based on trust”. It is true to say that the specification of the electronics industry is a trust between two companies. Therefore, STRADE always works with a motto which is to become a trusted partner of every customer whom we cooperate with.

STRADE ASIA brings you success with the trusted supply chain services

Being formed as a small firm with the objective of serving customers in the electronics trading and manufacturing sector, at the moment, STRADE has grown into a globally trusted supply chain partner that operates in more than 5 countries including China, Japan, Malaysia, Hongkong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

During the operation and growth, STRADE also strengthened and reinforced the system for scaling in OEM and ODM services.

2. Trusted services from STRADE

STRADE – your trusted partner – proudly provides you with three key services, including Electronics Supply Chain, Original Equipment Manufacturer, and Original Design Manufacturer.

Three key services of STRADE ASIA

3. STRADE electronics supply chain

STRADE provides customers with electronics supply chain services for a better flow of components, materials as well as finished products.

The electronics industry already encountered cost pressures due to the increase of globalization. Therefore, STRADE aims to bring optimized solutions to polish up the production processes. The company wants to make every customer satisfied, leading to the birth of the trusted electronics supply chain of STRADE.

4. Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

OEM service is more and more expanding in the world. Having a good grasp of this service’s potential, STRADE also quickly added it to the list of services that we provide.

We aim to bring your product designs with unique concepts to the market. We also ensure that everything will stick to your quality and brand guidelines.

STRADE features production teams that have experience in designing products. Hence, the customers simply provide us with the concept they are thinking in mind and then leave the rest to us.

We guarantee the quality of products so that you can launch them to the market and let your customers experience them in a good way. STRADE always works with trust, loyalty, and integrity because we want to bring peace and success to every cooperation.

5. Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) from STRADE ASIA

Besides OEM service, we also provide you with ODM service. We encourage you to choose from the current collections that are ready for retail. You can also pick one of our latest design concepts. STRADE has an experienced design team that will optimize and modify the products to meet the quality of the brands.

STRADE does everything for you with this service. We demonstrate the changes in the design, source the appropriate supplier, manage the manufacturing process of the products and meet your Service Level KPI.

6. How STRADE – a trusted partner cooperates with customers

STRADE’s working motto is to become a trusted partner of every customer in the world. Therefore, we always work diligently to build trust with our customers. Every service is a different process. However, all processes are strict, clear, and transparent.

The basic cooperation process includes three steps. These steps are client meetings, quotation sending, and initialization. For the OEM service, we also add some necessary steps such as client concept decision, dynamic design completion, supplier selection, product manufacturing, and results for customer satisfaction.

Taking everything into account, STRADE ASIA is proud to become your trusted partner in the electronics industry. We are also proud to be more expansive, and as of today, STRADE finally appears in countries, including China, Japan, Malaysia, Hongkong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam. We are looking forward to our cooperation with you and we believe that we all achieve success when we work together.

Media contact:
Tel: (+84) 84305 6868
Fax: (+84) 84305 6868

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