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still trying to identify sdmt transistor or FET code--ADUE16

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Feb 25, 2006
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Hello all,, I received 0 replies on other thread so am postinf here in hopes that I simply made post in wrong spot-- I fried either a couple of FETs or transistors on a 5-in-1 board used on popular rc helicopter model-- the 2 parts in question are surface mounted parts with a code on package face that I have not been able to identify for life of me!!

The package appears like sot-23 but is actually tiny bit larger-- I think this could actually help to narrow down manufacturer and have possibly got down to 2 that make a similar sized package-- Fairchild with their supersot-3 and Rohm with both their sot-346 and tsmt-3 packages

The ADUE16 code breaks down as follows:

-AD are underlined
-U has dot above
-E plain caps, rest are capped font also
-16 in smaller font runs vertical beside the E

I have done plenty of searching already and not conclusively matched it to anything,, few promising leads that I am following up on today but I am really hoping someone here has the nice smt device database of something that will make quick work of this terror that has held me back frm resolving this problem for almost month now!

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided!-- I cannot supply picture of part but do have a rough schematic i can post if it helps- cheers j

Re: still trying to identify sdmt transistor or FET code--AD

I have to do this often.
I Googled it with +sot23 and got a China pdf that shows this is a Maxim reset ic.
**broken link removed**

Good luck

Re: still trying to identify sdmt transistor or FET code--AD

Hey! Thanks for the response-- the first I might add! I appreciate your effort to try and google the result however I have done the same already using many various variations of the string-- I did get a couple of hits for a transistor from motorola and also siemens but have not received response from freescale yet and doubt it is a transistor anyways!

So, sadly it is also not a reset IC- I should have went bit further to explain the circuit in question was a motor driver circuit-- basically the 2 main FETs (or transistors) that drive the motors in 1 direction went. It was one fet per motor. They were coreless large sized pager motors with built in feedback circuits.

I made little headway yesterday but did manage to send a couple of emails-- this is turning out to be the most difficult part I have had to match yet! cheers again,, j

Could this be the reset ic used as a time delay for non overlap foward-reverse bridge drive ?

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