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Stepper motor controlers, building your own cnc driver xyz

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May 25, 2001
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make cnc without stepper

Hi; anyone have an interest in stepper motors and building the controler circuits?
Am new to this but learning the hard way (hehe) the trial and error method. Working on a cnc router/engraver right now.


cnc driver

i built one (max. 2A) with IC's L297A and L298 from SGS-Thomson and the PIC 16C56

good luck.


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Hi unplugged

I am using the allegro UCN5804B chip on mine which only is good for 1.25 amps. While all my motors are 1.4 and 1.5, am looking to change this problem I hope, seems I am getting a fortune involved in current limmiting resistors every time I want to make a small change. But It is fun. haha

cnc stepper motor controller

I do this all the time. There are many different ways. What are you using as a signal source? Computer, run/stop switches, or digital controls?

Take a look at my site to get a small application example.



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cnc stepper controller

I'm using PIC16F877 + 2x LMD18245 from national to drive bipolar motors i have found this solution the simplest for me : the LMD18245 integrate an H-bridge ,555 ,protection diodes ,current sensing ,bootstrap cap , interface logic,and can drive current to max 3A.

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lmd18245 cnc

I am new at this stepper motor control but have seemed to find quite a lot of information on the web. I would like to build a stronger controller later being that the Allegro only handles 1.25 amps but I wont to use this one to help make the pcb for the next controller. I started and am still working with a 3 axis controler kit from HobbyCnc. Already melted one controller chip. (hehe)Did not have the right current limmiting resistors and thought I was close enough. The kit was low priced and simple to construct, it uses the Allegro UNC5804B translator driver for unipolar stepper motors. My goal was to build a xyz router/engraver which can be ran from a pc. The control program I am using is a demo from Kellyware called kellycam, it seems to be a decent demo. I really need to find a good control program for this thing, these demo's time out or have a limit to the number of commands that will run. HeHe.

I have found a lot of stepper motor related items on Ebay including motors, controlers, linear slides and bearings. I have bought most of my stuff for the table from there.

cnc stepper motor driver

well don't know how much is your budget and the kind of control you wish to build. if you can spend some money (approx 100$) then CY545B controller chip from cybernetic micro system can help you making real industrial class controller

stepper motor cnc

Thanks billano786 will check that chip


xyz bipolar stepper controller

combine the controller chip with ericssons PBL 3770 to make industrial grade high current SMCs

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