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Step-up DC/DC Converter with Li-Ion

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Jan 11, 2003
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I need to drive a LUXEON 5W Led from a baterry source to build an electronic flashlight..
The led needs 6.5-7Volts, at 700mA.
I have some U18650 Li-Ion cells (3.7V 1800mAh), and i need to build
a step-up/step-down??? converter for the current in the output to be constant 700mA, even if the battery discharges.
I cannot find an IC to do this.
I tried a design with LT1302 and with MAX1676, for the 1W Leds (350mA@3.6V) but cannot even reach this current.
If someone out there has experience with DC/DC converter or SMPS
please help me.

It is possible to build an SMPS with an Atmel Tiny part, with A/D and PWM??

I think you should use a high frequency transformer to step up the voltage to get the best result. But I don't have enough experience with that.

Another solution might be using a voltage doubler circuit with non-polar capacitors and fast diodes. The driver circuit should work at about 10-50 Khz??. You should choose the capacitor values according to the charge and frequency response.

Last solution may be using two battery packs in series...


Have a look to TI ref :
UC2577-ADJ : Vin 3 to 40V, Vout 5 to 60V, Iout 3A

**broken link removed**

You have also DC/DC controllers with external switch.



download the free program SwitcherCAD from here
Start the software, put in your needs and you'll get the schematic together with power consumption efficiency etc.

greetings from Germany

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Use the lt1618 from linear , it can directly drive the LUXEON led up to 700 mA

I'm using it that way and it's works very good



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