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Star-RCXT outputs only devices on the defined special nets?

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Oct 7, 2003
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star-rcxt lvs option


I have the following problem: I want to do a parasitic extraction with Star-RCXT, but to keep the RC data, only on a list of nets of interest. Made the list with the nets, ran the extraction, and after a while, realised that the output netlist contains devices and pex information only for the specified list of nets. The devices that are not connected to any of those nets are skipped. :?

___Is there any way to extract parasitics with Star-RCXT, but to have all the devices extracted and the RC data only on the nets of interest?

The skipped devices, in my case, affect the circuit's behavior, and it's useless to simulate it. The output netlist type is DSPF, LVS ran with Calibre.
Just wondering (in case the answer to the previous question is NO ): how on earth can anybody be sure he specified all the needed nets for extraction, if there are thousands of them (obtained by a script) , and not worry that a device is missing, because no net from the list is connected to it???

Thanks in advance!

command script for running star-rcxt

you can extatract the interested nets only with star_rcxt,
for start_rcxt. the default to be extracted is *(all nets), you can tell star_rcxt the interested nets in the scripts

calibre query star rc

"Is there any way to extract parasitics with Star-RCXT, but to have all the devices extracted and the RC data only on the nets of interest? "

To be more clear: I asked if it is possible to extract PARASITIC INFORMATION only on the specified nets, but to have all the devices present in the netlist, also.

I have a set of nets, that need RC info, but only the devices that are connected to those nets are not ehough for my case, to simulate. I would have liked to have all devices in the netlist, but not all RC data.

Thank you again!

star rc netlist format

the answer is yes
you can find the detail configure in the reference of star_rcxt


Hi all,

I am new to Star-RCXT. Can you please show me a sample command files to run Star-RCXT. I use calibre. \

When i went to Stra-RCXT gui i choose calibre option.

But i saw couple of files needed .. like
1. calibre runset
2. Calibre Query File
3. Calibre Devtab
4. Calibre Agf
5. Calibre AGF Layer Map
6. Agf Netlist
and many more such files.

Could you please show me a way to generate these files.

Helps appreciated.


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