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speed control of dc motor using 8051

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Aug 20, 2012
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hi everyone i am doing one project like i want to interface dc motor with 8051 ic89c51rd2 in that i want to control the speed of dc motor i dont know how to control that can any anyone please help me thanks....

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currently i am using this circuit

hi pradeep,

you can use the pwm(pulse width modulation) to control dc motor.

i have made such a project before some time.

i have made temperature controlled fan using atmega16 and pwm.

best luck..

-prafful sorani
hi thanks for reply u have any circuits about that can you post that ........

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i don't know how to use that i am new to that one .....

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can any one please send the schematic diagram of 8051 based speed control of dc motor using pwm technique....

even i am also using like that interrupt and same circuit i am not getting it correctly .....

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hi prafful i use that code but its not working......

In the doc. you can replace T89C51AC2 with P89V51RD2, because both have the special register to generate PWM. (See Doc. & the datasheet of P89V51RDD2)

All The Best


  • PWM Tutorial using 8051.pdf
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hi everyone thanks for replying i am using that ic only 89v51rd2 but its not working what will be the problem .....

there may b many posibility for problem. .
I have no idea in assambly language. .

I have good hand on BASCOM AVR. . If u need related to it i can help you. .

Best luck

hello prafful i am using C language only can u help in that ....

i am using the same circuit you linked one circuit that only but i how it speed decreases.....

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and i am using same code also..... but ii doesn't work properly......................


sbit sw1=P3^2;
sbit sw2=P3^3;

sbit L293D_A = P1^0; //Make positive of motor 1
sbit L293D_B = P1^1; //Make negative of motor 0
sbit L293D_E = P1^2; //Enable L293D

void rotate_f(void); //Forward run funtion
void rotate_b(void); //Backward run function
void breaks(void); //Motor stop function
void delay(void); //Some delay

void main(){
//Our main function
while(1){ //Infinite loop

if(sw1==1 && sw2==0)
rotate_f(); //Run forward
delay(); //Some delay
breaks(); //Stop
delay(); //Some delay

if(sw2==1 && sw1==0)
rotate_b(); //Run Backwards
delay(); //Some delay
breaks(); //Stop
delay(); //Some delay
} //Do this infinitely

void rotate_f(){
L293D_A = 1; //Make positive of motor 1
L293D_B = 0; //Make negative of motor 0
L293D_E = 1; //Enable L293D

void rotate_b(){
L293D_A = 0; //Make positive of motor 0
L293D_B = 1; //Make negative of motor 1
L293D_E = 1; //Enable L293D

void breaks(){
L293D_A = 0; //Make positive of motor 0
L293D_B = 0; //Make negative of motor 0
L293D_E = 0; //Disable L293D

void delay(){ //Some delay...
unsigned char i,j,k;



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again hi everyone the above program i posted is correct or wrong in that i am using interrupt to change the direction of motor ........

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