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someone working on z-source inverter

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Jun 1, 2006
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z-source inverter simulation

write me if you are working on this inverter. if you made it would be better but is not necessary. regards.

Hi Julioreye, I'm working on 3 phase z-source inverter for fuel cell. Kindly, could you send me your simulink of this inverter if available? Thanks a lot.

sure, i'll send you. your works is about thesis?.do you have any report about your work? i need documents about implementation (building).

Added after 5 minutes:

hey budiyanto, do you have experimental results? any reports that you can share me?.regards.
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hi friend. well i'm finishing my thesis too, although i made an implementation about the z source inverter. i have my report in spanish, if you want it i can give you. Currently i have some results about variables gotten from osciloscope.

CAn you send me your report or simulations programs, we just must to share our knowledge, bye.

I am in Pakistan . I have just started my work on my Master level thesis . I came across this topic by finding a paper from F.Z.Peng on Z-Source Inverters.

I have studied that and i am trying to write an initial report regarding what would be the approach towards the topic. I have found some IEEE papers and some others and my plan is to simulate this in matlab SIMULINK and PSPICE.

at this time i am thinking to compare the performance for VSI , CSI and ZSI for different sorts of loads both linear and non -linear. Performe the harmonic analysis, calculate the efficiency and power factor improvement, etc

I have to write and abstract for my thesis at this time :( and must make sure that what i write must be some thing new ..... not a copied stuff .. a requirement of the thesis .... so i am looking for a new idea for these.

Would you please help me in refining my ideas ...

please also guide me towards the design equations for the capacitors and inductors involved in the impedance network ....

Regards and Best wishes


I got some experience on Z-source inverter. we built it for solar energy, single phase. we find it low efficiency and a little hard to soft start. actually we need a low real load for soft start or the output will climb very high...
hi tabees. i'm very happy for your repply. So do you have simulations about your Z inverter or any report ? i'm interested in your knowledge achieved.

I built a three phase Z source unverter and i got results and it's not so bad, i hoped more, though.

i'll be waiting for your answer. bye.

I am to build design and test a single phase 3kW inverter for a fuel cell, and I intend on using a Z-source inverter. I have just started this for my individual project and need all the sources I can get, so if anyone on here knows any good sources please send them to me.

I have choosen the Z-source as I wont need a DCDC converter this way. I need to build a model in MATLAB SIMULINK so the one on here should prove most useful. I have to have ideally a unity power factor also.
hi nauo. Can you upload or send me your design in matlab or whatever?. bye.

Re: z-source inverter simulation

Hi, I am also working on a z-source, although its slightly modified. a quasi-z-sourced 3 phase inverter using dspace as my dsp.

Hi keithong!. It's interesting your work, i mean, the Z-inverter has many kind of studies that you can do. Have you built it?, Do you have anything that you can share me? for example, simulations, your report, or something else. I've done my thesis in Z-onverter and now I've finished.
I'll be waiting for your answer, and you are welcome to discuss whatever concern to Z-inverter. Regards.

Hello. I am doing it for my final year project, and the quasi-z-source has been suggested recently to be better than the z-source, without discontinuous current/voltage. So I have to investigate it, and build a prototype.

Currently trying to sync my dspace for my pwm inverters using igbts. Did you do yours in open loop or closed loop?

My project requirements need a mppt for my solar input too, so I have to do it with feedback and all.

Hi keithong. Well my build included igbts. with this semiconductor i have no big problem, just after months doing testing some igbts of three phase bridge are out of order, I' don't know why is broken up, so i had to buy a breand new module.
Well currently just i have in open loop, but i think try with close loop.
My simulations are in matlab and Psim and works very well. What software do you use?. have you written your proyect in english? what kind of modulation you have done?. Can you share me your results or everything? I think we can make a knowledge trade off. What do you think?.
My e-mail is

hi julioreye

i just starting study on z-source inverter. do you have any experience using the PWM generator block? how to allocate a correct pulse to the correct gate if i'm using individual IGBT/diode block to develop the 3phase inverter?

in the help matlab document did mention that pulse 1, 3, 5 for the upper switches but when i try to allocate to the gate of IGBT/diode block the output seems not working properly.



Hi friend. I have a lot of information about z source inverter, in fact i did the simple boos t control and the maximum constant boost control with the envelope applied in a implemented Z-source inverter .
I use matlab and psim. If you want my simulations just request me, ok. I'm Interested in share ideas and experience.keep in touch. bye.
Hey guys, I'm new to this forum. I'm currently try to design a DC/DC converter 48 V to 350 V using the Z-source topology. I cannot get to the required gain. Does any of you guys has some advices for me?

hi julio, im doing a project in power converters using Zsource topology. im in need of a guidance in implementing the gating control circuit. can u please give us the required information and help me.
mail id :

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