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Smart card issue when sending SELECT command

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Nov 15, 2003
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hi all,
i have successfully get ATR from GSM SIM card , I am using micocontroller as reader (8052)
problem is, when i have succesfull geting ATR my micros fail receive respnd from smartcard (i have made testing that problem is not from my microsontroller).
the pronlem is when i send SELECT command
0xA0 0xA4 0x00 0x00 0x02
there is no respond from SIM card and after sending commnad 5 timer , respond from SIM card is
0xA0 0xA4 0x00 0x00 0x02 0x6E 0x00

i have made comparasion with SIMscan look like theres no problem and i am doing exacly the same procedure as SIM scan

any suggestion or clue, expert please help me ??

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sorry for the topic (oops miss typed)
imean smart card doubt

Re: smart card dub

Your post interests me much. Before clarifying your problem, I would like to ask you some question:
- You do yourself your SmartCard Reader? Or you buy it from a provider? Which kind of interface it uses (USB or RS232 or RJ45?)
- When you send your select command, you send it from your uC or from Computer. If from computer, which program you use or you use your own program? If it is your own program, which driver/DLL you use to interface your PC with your SmartCard Reader?
- Normally, if your command is executed succesfully, the Operating System of the OS will send out an answer 0x90 0x00, otherwise, you have to look up at the SmartCard OS Manual to find what is the answer of the card.

I think that, the answer of the card is 0x6E 0x00 but I don't know what does these codes want to tell you, look it up in your manual...

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Re: smart card dub

You have received 6E 00
it mean that CLass soes not support

Re: smart card dub


can you post your circuit? please.. i'm actually searching for a smartcard reader circuit using a microcontroller.

thank you very much.

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