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Smallest AC/DC converter.. 230V to 12V

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Jun 28, 2008
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I'm looking for a smart solution to realize a AC/DC converter
with these spec:

Vin = 230Vac
Vout = 10V Isolated
Iout = 0.3A

Main targets of the design are:

- Small dimension:
now I've a solution with a 60KHz flyback on a 30x30mm PCB with a
20x20x15mm transformer, but is still too big (mainly the transformer).

- Cost and availability of components. It is possible to use a on-the-shelf

My idea is to switch faster (i.e. 200KHz) to reduce the transformer size..
even if I do not find any trasf ready to buy.

Is ther any other interesting topology for this application?

For the transformer I had a look to:
- Coicraft
- Murata-PS
- Pulse Eng
- Coiltronics

Any others?


Have a look on the Fairchild semi site. They have some nice SMPS controllers with integrated power switch. Real easy to use as well. They also have a design program you can download. This will allow you to design the transformer as well.

I would say you could get your design down to using an EFD10 or EFD15 core. The program I mentioned has the data for these cores in the database.

hi am wondering if anyone can help me.

Am building an high frequency switching inverter using the tl494,and using a H bridge,

can anyone assist me on how the H bridge converts dc back into ac, i mean how do i do this, and how do i get 50hz from this, many thanks

12vdc.....tl494...push-pull mosfets....transformer...bridge rectifier...h filter..

what i need to know is how to switch 2 on and 2 off at same time resulting in ac 220v 50hz, if u know
what i mean

this is a mod-sine wave btw

many thanks

Hi berni80,
I would say that the smallest and cheapest SMPS for your requirement can be made by using LNK501 IC from Power Integrations.
You can find the datasheet on their website, along with circuit design and design ideas.
They have a software, PIExpert, which can be used to compute the values of resistor, transformer core, transformer winding and other critical parameters.
Hope this helps.

It's quite possible that some of Vicor's new modules will beat
anything you could roll yourself. They have bridged from a
module maker to developing their own ICs as well, and I've
seen some modules advertised which are nearly the size of
IC packaging (slightly thicker).

I've been through their manufacturing line and it's a thing of
robotic beauty. Very slick.

you can use viper22 from st for small power applications. they have a design software to design the full circuit

Hi berni80,
A good smps trafo producer more:
Other ones are: Kaschke GmbH; **broken link removed** GmbH_yet is=Sumida-eu!: **broken link removed**
All 3 from Germany.
I would say too; go to Power Integration,, their have a realy good designer CAD online, you can download it for you, WE is in PI`s datai as trnafo typ to select too...
Search for (i.e.)the family TNY280 from PI...
I think you can make it with the TNY IC(hase integrated MOSFET on + an E16 ferrit, maybe on your relative small sourface....
PI hase very good Appnotes & Sample design collections too!

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