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Simulate a known pattern is HFSS??

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Apr 26, 2011
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I have the pattern of a well known antenna but the shape is so complicated threrefor I want to insert a point having the same pattern as that complicated antenna (I know the closed formula of the pattern).
Can anyone help me to do this in HFSS or CST??
HFSS is in 1st priority

Why would you want to simulate an antenna when you already have the pattern?

Knowing the close formula, i would use matlab to plot the pattern.

Such sources are usualy named 'Radiation Pattern Source' or 'Far Field Source'.

These are available in EMCoS EMC Studio, FEKO or CST, I am not sure about HFSS.

In each tool you can find in documentation format description.

Check out this thread with examples:
Hi again
thank all for the solutions!
@Vinoth: I want to create a desired pattern not the shape

@Kohi: I want to design and simulate the effect of Radome on the pattern therefor MATLAB can do nothing!!

@ e_m_c: I just tried CST but I understood that it doesn't work on core i based CPUs I have core i 5 CPU with 4G RAM and OS 7 64 bit. I wonder if U could help me solve this.

HFSS13 allows for the import of far field patterns for use as incident wave excitations. Check out the help!

Have Fun!
Dear tallface65 Thanks of ur suggestion.
Recently I acquired the source of HFSS13.
I read the help and there was a note sowing that the pattern data should be saved as .ffd withfollowing format :
ThetaStart ThetaStop ThetaNumPoints
PhiStart PhiStop PhiNumPoints
E_theta_real E_theta_imag E_phi_real E_phi_imag
E_theta_real E_theta_imag E_phi_real E_phi_imag
E_theta_real E_theta_imag E_phi_real E_phi_imag
I save my data using “save dipole.ffd source –ASCII” in MATLAB but an error occurs that says:
Error in user supplied far field data file: invalid input data format

Then I tried to save data in .dat format and change it to .ffd using the following trick! first I opened the .dat file as a txt file and saved it as a .ffd file!
I tried to do so but there was an error that I can’t solve, the error is: [error] Error in user supplied far field data file: Missing or bad scan angles in data (10:12:48 PM Jun 01, 2011)
I tried to attach my .mfile and the .ffd file but my browser didn't couldn't support!.

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