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Oct 28, 2006
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Hi, my name is ehsan and i am a student.

I have a problem in the interfacing simulation between Simplorer and a transient machine model in Maxwell.

Is it necessary to put both velocity source and voltages sources as an input of the machine
(in Simplorer ) or is it adequate to put only
voltages as an input of the machine ?

In Maxwell 2D model (that was created from RMxprt),
user can determine voltage sources for excitation windings and can analysis many characteristics of machine (like speed) with only giving voltage sources.
Inasmuch as in some simulations the user need to determine the voltage source that there is not in the Maxwell (like a PWM inverter), it is needed to link the Maxwell with the Simplorer.

One solution for the mentioned problem is to add a transient model to the Simplorer from the Maxwell.

Because of the fact that when the velocity source is used as an input of the machine, actually we knew the speed of the machine before running the simulation; therefore, a problem appear when I want to connect the load to the mechanical port of the machine as the input of the model.

A MASS_ROT element was added to MotionSetup port of the machine model and it was expected that the results of the simulation show the speed of the machine, but it does not work properly, and the speed cannot obtained correctly.

On the other hand, in the simulation examples of simplorer, there is an example that utilized both speed and Voltages of BLDC as the inputs of the machine for simulation.

please can anyone help me?


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