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Simple RF transmitter / reciever project?

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Apr 29, 2011
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I want to build a project with a simple rf transmitter and reciever.
Basically what I would like to create is a momentary button transfering an ON signal when depressed and OFF signal when released to a reciever that will basically turn the device off or on in place of a hard wired switch...
Say a fan across the room or a fake rat to scare the girl friend ;)
I used to race and build rc cars so I have a little bit of insight but no real hands on besides buying stuff and installing, no real hands on besides changing crystals... As this would be something i would also like to feature so one device doesnt operate the other and so on..
Any insight, info, or other help, trades, or monetary exchanges would be no problem as this is my pet project right now. I dont know where to start :(
I am a graphic designer and artist out of Austin TX so if there is anything i can help you out with in my field of expertise I can for sure do something for your time!
Thanks for listening to a newb ;)

Hmm good ideas, i tend to make things to difficult:-?
Any other little rf gizmos yall can think of.. Smaller the better :wink:

K, so this is a good idea until the transmiter is dc powered and the reciever is wall plug in 110 ac..... Thats how most seem to be...

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