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simple and cheapest free energy resources?

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Jan 12, 2013
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hi... can anybody explain the simple and cheapest way to manage the any available natural resources to produce electric energy?

hey... do you have any experiments or concepts seen before anywhere?

Magazine called "Home Power", contains lots of informations of alternative power sourcesm, such as solar, wind, water, also as green tech how to save energies.

"Cheapest way" therm is under question.

You can make hydro power plant as "cheapest" but you need to invest into power plant infrastructure.

hey tpetar.. yeah geo thermal energy is a nice one to go if you live in ice land. :D

No my friend geo thermal is cheap only in case if you have price per 1kW very low in your country. Geo thermal scenarion use electricity to power compressor, and you need lots of kW for higher square area.

I think is best for any system to make balance between consumption / loss / needs.

Best is have more power sources, and to switch between them, depending on price/energy amount.

In some countries natural gas is cheapest way, and in some other countries is very expensive today.

Nikola Tesla have idea to use Earth heat from deep to make steam on surface in power plant. At that time it was impossible to drill 10km in depth.

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Well, an extension cord to your neighbor's garage meets
the "free" criterion. ;p

This, like renewables, depends greatly on the local environs.
Legal, geographic and meteorological.

Hydroelectric is the best if you happen to have a year-
'round stream and a substantial fall or flow on your
property. Old-school and fairly cheap conversion to
electric, no interruption of supply every night or on
still days, no waste and compact plant for the power

But this is not a common resource. A good one to bear
in mind if you're planning to get away from it all, though.

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