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SIM340 etc sending SMS from store

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Oct 7, 2009
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Hi Folks,
I'm new to this so please forgive my lack of knowledge.

Basically I am trying to send an SMS from the simcard (using AT commands and a SIM eval kit) . I have put the simcard in a normal mobile phone and cancelled all passwords etc - entered a phone number in the contacts and stored a message on the simcard but when I try send a saved SMS using AT+CMSS=1 I get error 302 or other ways I get error 515. Any advise?

Try send first AT+CPMS="SM","SM" and then AT+CMSS=1.

Thanks very much for the suggestion - unfortunately it still returns error 302.
Any other thoughts would be very welcome.

Error 302 means "operation not allowed" according sim300 AT command datasheet.

Do you think that means it is not possible to send an SMS which is stored on the sim card?
Basically what I was trying to do was to send an SMS to the eval kit (sim340) then get it to send it back to the sender using AT commands. Am I trying to do the impossible?

I have a eval kit like yours and the first time that I have used it I could not send msg. the solution was to change the simcacrd and to put that of another phone company. Make sure that your simcard is unblocked.
Send AT+CPIN? if responded +CPIN READY means simcard unblock, if responded +CPIN:SIM SIM you should introduce the pin number sending AT+CPIN=nnnn (nnnn is pin number).

Hi again Fiolin

I can send messages OK if I do the following;

AT+CMGW="my other mobile number here"
>test message here
+CMGW: 3

+CMSS: 52


The problem I am having is like I said previously, getting the eval kit to send an SMS message stored on the sim card.

I don't think it is a PIN issue. I can also make voice calls from the eval kit using AT commands.

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